Circular Photo Ornament


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No longer is 6 X 4 the only choice when it comes to displaying your photos! Upload your unique image to a circular decoration ornament and give a precious photo gift for any occasion.
With a silver ribbon, this individual decoration can be lovingly displayed in your home, a special way to remember those unforgettable memories.
Image Recommendation – Pick the highest resolution images possible. The better the photo quality the better the finished product.
Validation Warnings
– Your image does not meet the recommended minimum size; This means your image does not meet our resolution standards for this product. We strongly recommend you choose a better quality photo.
– One or more of your images don’t fill the printable area; This means your image is not completely covering the whole product and will be clipped. We recommend you reset the image so the products print area is fully covered and this warning disappears, this ensures the photo is not clipped on the finished product. Remember what you see is what you get.
Ribbon Colour: Silver
Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: 7.0cm Diameter x 0.4cm
Personalisation: Printed

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