Thinking Outside The Box for Bachelorette Parties

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you’ll want to plan the dream event that is perfect for the bride-to-be. This means taking into consideration her character, interests and hobbies. If you start your planning with the goal of pleasing the bride-to-be, you can’t go wrong!

If you want to do something truly special, you’ll want to think outside the box and find some unique activities that will set the background for some unforgettable memories.

To help you get your unique hen party off the ground, here’s a look at some outside-the-box ideas you’ll love.

Cookery Classes

If you’re looking for a fun group activity that equips you and the girls with a lasting skill, then a cooking class could be an excellent idea.

This is a great option because you can find a cuisine that your bride-to-be loves, so that you can offer a nice personal touch. After the class, she will be able to cook her favourite meal whenever she likes – a lovely skill as she goes forwards into her new life!

Of course, you and the girls will have lots of fun at the session – you can find a professional chef who can help you all and you can also enjoy some glasses of wine as you cook!

Scavenger Hunts

Are you planning to go away for the hen party, or keep things local? The best thing about a scavenger hunt is it works wherever you are. A scavenger hunt in your hometown can help you to revisit key locations that are important to your bride-to-be, and you can end it with a touching event at a significant location.

On the other hand, if you’re travelling somewhere else, it’s an amazing way to get to grips with a new place and enjoy some fun!

A scavenger hunt is a great way to frame a bunch of exciting activities, and it can really help to tie together the hen party in a unique way.


Do you want to give the hen party a unique and fun twist? Glamping has emerged as a phenomenon in recent years, giving you a comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors.

You’ll be able to find a lot of glamping lcoations, and you’ll also be able to coordinate it yourself with the right amount of research! With your own space, you and the girls will be free to celebrate together in your own space and do things your own way!

A Yoga Retreat

If your bride-to-be is a lover of yoga, then why not organise one for the group? Over the course of a weekend you could take some time to really reflect on yourself and your friendships while enjoying beautiful food and serene surroundings.

Hen parties don’t have to be all about noise and partying – a yoga retreat could help you all to connect on a deeper level and prepare for the wedding ahead!


We hope that these bachelorette party ideas are truly unique, and help you to put a special twist on what will be an amazing weekend!

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