Hub For Bachelorette Parties



Hens Party Hobart help organise, well, hens parties: it’s in our name. We maintain relationships with reliable business owners all around Hobart, that provide services in a quality manner and/or specialise in hens parties.


Often you will spend weeks, or months, preparing for a large hens party from calling around and making bookings, only to have one business cancel and throw out the whole plan. We reduce that time for you, by allowing us to send you special deals and offers for your Hobart experience based on your enquiry.


What We Offer (Services)


We offer a service where you tell us what you would like for your hens party (day/night) and we will send you some contacts to either: event planners, special offers from businesses around Hobart or on the mainland. Hens Party Hobart are dedicated to setting up Hens Days or Hens Nights for Hobart, Tasmania.

Day Activities

These are activities that generally happen during the day. We have offers for things such as:


Deck Parties, Food & Drink, Wine and Cheese Tours.

Night Activities

Activities that happen from the evening into the night. We have offers for things such as:


Fine Dining, Local Clubs, Event Hire and Management.

See our online shop! We’re constantly adding new products each month. So far (Feb 2019) we’ve added a few categories but we’re looking to add more as we take feedback from you guys.